Faculty & Staff

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Cindy Falcone

Mr. Brian Betteridge – English Teacher
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “In my 8th grade LA class, we were practicing independent and dependent clauses. The class as a whole was having some difficulties spotting the differences. So I shared with them a Batman/Robin analogy. It was at the height of the Batman/Dark Knight craze, so they all understood and it really helped them get the concept. I felt like a huge nerd, but it also felt great that I was able to help them understand something they were struggling with using an idea they were interested in.
Mrs. Kara Broadhurst – Performing Arts and Employability/Transition Teacher
Mr. Fred Bussinger – Maintenance
Mrs. Susan Butler – School Nurse
Mrs. Christina Carty – Development Director
Mr. Michael Cohen – Social Studies Teacher, Middle School Head, Summer Camp Director
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “In his graduation speech, a student said I was the first teacher who ever told him he was “bright.” I said it to him when he was in 9th grade. The fact that he remembered said so much to me about how much our words matter.”
Mr. Terry Conrad – Houseband Teacher
Ms. Cindy Falcone – Asst. Head of Program
Mrs. Stephanie Falcone – Technology Integration Specialist
Mrs. Meredith Fitzpatrick – Director of Enrollment Management
Ms. Lisa Gargiulo – English Teacher
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “I love when we’re in the middle of a novel and my students come into class eager and excited to read. They actually get mad when time is up or we stop to move on to a different activity, which shows just how engaged they are in what we read in class.”
Mrs. Amy Gillespie – Director of Postsecondary Transition
Mr. Rory Graver – Health and PE Teacher, Basketball Coach, Tennis Coach
Mrs. Alison Gulczynski – Middle School Art Teacher
Mrs. Marion Kassab – Art Teacher, Art Dept. Head
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “I, at times teach students who are resistant to making art for a number of different reasons; they lack confidence in being creative people and they haven’t experienced their own “ah-ha” art moment. So my special moments as a teacher come when I am able to break through all of that and be a part of helping them see and find their artistic confidence and for the first time feel good about themselves as artistic people.”
Ms. Alison Kazatsky – English Teacher
Mr. John Lauro – Hill Top Help Desk Specialist and Technology Teacher
Mr. Jeff Lawley – Math Teacher
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “One time I was working one on one with a student and they told me that I was the best Math teacher they ever had. They said that they had always struggled with math and I was the first teacher to explain it in such a way that it made sense. That made me feel great.”
Mr. Bill Luongo – Property and Maintenance Supervisor
Mrs. Marla Mathis – Middle School Counselor
Mr. Michael McAfee – Upper School Counselor
Mrs. Liz McGowen – English Teacher, Upper School Head
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “When I first began teaching, I quickly realized the power of engaging class discussions and group assignments. It is so interesting and helpful for my students to hear the ideas and insights of their peers. When I was in school, education followed the “sage on the stage” model. When I embraced the concept that there are a variety of ways for students to learn, my students greatly benefited.”
Mrs. Anna Murphey – Librarian, Information Skills Teacher
Mrs. Carol Navarra – Instructional Support and Employability/Transition Teacher
Mr. Tom Needham – Headmaster
Mrs. Barbara Nelson – English and Spanish Teacher, English Department Chair
Mr. Fran Phillips – Business Manager
Mr. Jim Riley – Math Teacher
Mr. Adam Robinson – Health and PE Teacher, Basketball Coach
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “Watching Grant Mannis go from struggling to shoot a basketball to becoming a good player. Incredible strides!”
Dr. Dianne Salter – Assistant Head of Support Services
Dr. Fred Schindler – Science Teacher
Mrs. Edda Schwartz – Math Teacher, Math Dept. Head
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “As a math teacher I’ve experienced a number of these moments. I feel so happy for the student. I rejoice with them.”
Mrs. Laura Selinsky – English Teacher
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “Last spring, an education student observed my Brit. Lit. class.  We were studying a Browning epic, and the students were running back and forth from their seats to the whiteboard to add annotations to a huge drawing of the poem’s plot.  After class, the observer said, “I never saw boys excited about poetry before…I didn’t know boys could be excited about poetry.” I managed not to cry for for sheer happiness until she was out of the room.”
Mr. Jimmy Selmani – Maintenance
Mrs. Michelle Trusty – Occupational Therapist
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “Generally not just the first time they succeed at a task they’ve been trying to master but when they continue to demonstrate mastery…there is a surprised pride that slowly becomes a confidence.”
Mr. Van Dyke – History Teacher, Head of Student Life, Athletic Director
Mr. Dave Wesler – Science Teacher, Science Dept. Head
Favorite A-Ha Moment: “Most Ah-Ha moments revolve around either some disability that students that I had worked with had that I found in myself, like the fact that I have a mild auditory processing disorder. I realized that I had just learned to accommodate for it through my life but can easily recognize it now in the kids I teach. Others have to do with life experiences that gave me a greater understanding of the kids. I had a horribly bad reaction to a medication once that kept me from being able to concentrate the least little bit on anything and I had a huge revelation about being in the shoes of a kid with significant ADHD.”
Mr. Ray Witte – History and Math Teacher