Big Companies Say It’s Good Business to Hire People with Autism

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As many of you may know, SAP is one of the world’s largest software companies.  They have established an HR goal for their divisions around the world which is to have 1% of their employees be diagnosed as being on the spectrum.  Exciting for us is that Patrick Viesti, Hill Top’s class of 2005 has been selected as one of the first group to be in this SAP program in their Newtown Square division.  I am attaching a link to not only a printed article about this new program but a news segment from Al Jazeera who also did a story on this program.  I hope you enjoy reviewing this as much as we have.

You also may be interested to know that we have been enjoying conversations with the Newtown Square division of SAP during the second half of this year.  Our own Dr. Dianne Salter, as director for both the Horizon’s Program for high school graduates and the summer program called Pathways to Independence, has been in meetings with their HR folks.  Her plan is to explore the feasibility of establishing a relationship with them for not only some of our tech savy graduates but possible internships for talented high school students.  As you might expect, they have many folks who are interested to work with them.  However, they seem interested to learn more about a small school located only minutes from their company location.