Advanced Studio Arts

This program is available to students by invitation and or by teacher recommendation only. It is designed specifically for those students who have a passion and desire for making art. It is for those students who want to learn more about the art world, experiment across media, broaden their vision, hone their skills, and find new ways to convey their message.  Students will be encouraged to take risks, to work in a medium that they have never tried before and to develop their own voice and point of view. The program is designed to be fun, challenging and rewarding.

The goal is that once students are identified and participating in the Advanced Studio Art Program, we will begin to equip them with as much exposure and depth of experience within the arts as possible. Through a series of Advanced Art Classes and by grouping these students together in classes, we open the door to a creative, focused, supportive, and energizing environment, one that builds a strong foundation, increases independent work, develops mentorships and friendships, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

*You do NOT have to be interested in art school or pursuing “The Arts” after high school. However, students intending to go to art school will get guidance and assistance with developing a portfolio and the college admission process.

Prospective schedule for Advanced Studio Art students:






1 semester:Art  Foundations (perspective students identified for participation in program)Advanced  Studio Art I(full year course)Advanced Studio Art II(full year course) 1st semester: Advanced Studio Art /Yearbook2nd semester: Art Independent study


Advanced Studio Art: This umbrella course integrates the study of historical and contemporary art with the skills to competently manipulate and work with many materials. The course covers the study of Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Drawing, Printmaking, and mixed media.

Art Independent Study:  Students will be given the opportunity to explore for a full semester developing a body of work in a specific medium. With guidance from the instructor, students will submit an organized proposal describing how and why they chose the specific medium, what their goals for the semester are, creating a timeline to help meet those goals, and in the end presenting their work.

*Please contact Marion Kassab with any questions you may have.
610-527-3230 x628