Student Life


In 2012 Hill Top Prep began a new character education program called the SPIRIT OF THE HAWK to highlight the positive contributions our students make to their own lives and in the lives of others.  We selected Courage, Perseverance, Leadership and Service as the foundation for the program because together, these qualities represent the essence of personal and social growth.  During our annual Confluence on the first Friday of the school year, all students participated in an activity to brainstorm why these attributes were important and what they looked like in action.

During our daily Community Meeting each day, any faculty member may stand up to honor a student who has exhibited one or more of the SPIRIT OF THE HAWK traits.  They do so by explaining to the community what the student did and how it represented courage, perseverance, leadership or service.  The student is then called up and presented with a Spirit Tag to be hung from their backpack so their accomplishment is visible and lasting.  Just as important as the recognition of the individual student is the fact that every student gains a better understanding of how they can better themselves or the community by exhibiting the SPIRIT OF THE HAWK!

During the 2012-2013 school year, the Hill Top community presented the following SPIRIT OF THE HAWK awards…



David Abrams
Philip Clauhs
Matthew DeAngelis
Ted Fein
Michael Gerolamo
Christopher Lyons
Matthew Malloy
Eric Oliverson
Emily Power
Ben Schofield
Jacob Schumacher
Grant Seldomridge
Jacob Shapiro
David Stehman
Eli Wagner

Jack Benoliel
Jimmy Cashel
Joe Cort (4)
Brian Dotsey
Christopher D’Urso (2)
Justin Keller
Tyler Kosten
Christopher Lyons
Matthew Malloy
Henry McGee (2)
Cal Mintz
Tim Reilly
Max Shein
Austin Stahl
David Stehman

Jackson Bradley
Robbie Day
Max Denbin (2)
Michael Gerolamo
Natasha Hubbard Blatt
Zach Moran
Eli Wagner



Aidan Hicks
Kayla McFalls
Paul Miller
Jacob Schumacher (2)