Hill Top Summer Camp




Full Season: June 26 – August 4
1st Session: June 26 – July 14
2nd Session: July 17 – August 4

Hill Top Summer Camp is a traditional day camp and travel program for campers entering grades 2nd through 9th who may have one or more of the following diagnoses:

ADD/ADHD, NVLD, high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome and social skill needs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re looking forward to a great summer!

Brian Betteridge
Hill Top Summer Camp Director

2017 Hill Top Camp Brochure

2017 Hill Top Camp Application



Hill Top Summer Camp is a traditional day camp program that supports social skills development for campers entering grades 2-9. Every week we take a different field trip. We have gone to theme parks, Citizens Bank Park, the zoo, water parks, Crystal Cave and more!

Hill Top Summer Camp offers an amazing variety of activities including sports, swimming, sign language, robotics, city building (using Sim City), cooking, weight lifting, martial arts, science activities, drama and arts and crafts. Writing and math remediation are also offered to campers.

From parents who have sent their kids to Hill Top Summer Camp

“My favorite part of Hill Top is intangible, it’s [my son’s] smile-his excitement-it’s his feeling go finally belonging somewhere. As parents, it’s also the knowledge he isn’t “different” here. He isn’t excluded. His challenges aren’t judged. [The camp’s] counselors understand that his needs are different than that of a neuro-typical kid.”
“The biggest difference we see from his many summers at Hill Top is his growth socially. He learns how to navigate the social scene at camp, in a protected and guided way. This carries over to his public school. His self-confidence in September is so high.”

-Molly Dupee (mother of a 5th grade camper)

“From my viewpoint….. I love to see him excited to go to camp every day.  He actually says hello to me and his younger brother when we pick him up and can tell us about what he did that day.  I know that he has learned a tremendous amount of social skills because he knows his friends names and even some of their interests, he is more agreeable/flexible, and he shows better sportsmanship during games at home when he practices the skill at camp.  The staff really enjoy being with the kids at Hill Top and we are so thankful for that. They are understanding, they give the kids the structure they thrive on while still giving them the space to be themselves including making mistakes and learning from them.”
Bridget Keaveney (mother of a third grade camper)