Wednesday Social Club

On October 9th, we began offering a new after school program called the Wednesday Social Club (WSC).  Directed by Mr. Seitz, the WSC will run from the end of the academic day until 5pm on Wednesdays and will provide students with a combination of social activities and games, gym time and some quiet time to work on homework, read a book or just relax with some friends after school.

We are eager to get this program off the ground both for the social benefit to our students as well as the logistical convenience for our families who find early dismissal on Wednesday particularly challenging.  Pricing and payment information is listed below.  We ask that anyone interested in having their child participate pay prior to the marking period so we can prepare appropriately for activities.

WSC will be parent pick-up only.  No transportation to the Bryn Mawr train station will be available.

If you are interested in the remainder of this marking period, please complete and return the lower portion of this form to Mrs. Neft
Download the WSC registration form