Annual Campaign

The Hill Top Preparatory School Annual Campaign

The High School and Middle School Years are such an awkward time of life for most teens, “normal” teens. Now couple that with the challenges our kids face – learning disabilities, ADHD, dyslexia, depression/anxiety, Aspergers, OCD. Imagine what middle school and high school is like for them? Especially in a traditional setting. It must have been overwhelming and demoralizing.

It was for our son. And for us, his parents, it was frustrating and heartbreaking to watch our very own special child “fail” – through no fault of his own – and sink, with no chance to succeed. I have a feeling if you have experienced the same difficulties, heartaches, frustrations and pain. We can probably share lots of horror stories.

The good news for us is – we found Hill Top Preparatory School – what a JEWEL of a school! Finally, an academic setting that understands special learning needs
nurtures the child in a small, supportive setting. The first things our son noted – music could be played in certain classes to minimize distractions, there were paintball trips, cool teachers – some of whom themselves overcame learning issues, there was a photography lab, there were other kids like him.

We feel blessed to have found Hill Top Prep. In our son, we have seen growth on every level – academically, physically, socially and emotionally. Ask yourself – where would our kids be if there was no Hill Top Preparatory School? There is NO other school like it. We ask that you join us in supporting this fine school by supporting the Hill Top Annual Fund.

Joanne Comly, Parent of Timothy Comly ’09

Why do we ask for your donation?

The monies collected from the Annual Fund go towards ensuring our children are receiving the best possible education in supporting such areas as technology and educational programs. Your support is essential to Hill Top’s ability to prepare your child for the future. Our goal is very simple – 100% participation. Your donation, at ANY level, makes a difference. As Hill Top Prep applies to foundations and grants, it is
that the school show 100% support from its own community. The faculty and Board of Hill Top Prep have pledged 100% commitment – we, as parents, need to do the same. Again, the amount of the gift is not as critical as the gift itself. Give what you are capable of giving – help Hill Top help YOUR child.

Andy Comly, Parent of Timothy Comly, ’09

You may contribute to this campaign by downloading the Annual Campaign form. You may also mail donations directly to Hill Top Prep to the attention of Mr. Tom Needham, Headmaster.

Be sure to see if your company participates in a matching gift program – it is a great way to double your contribution to Hill Top Prep!