Hill Top Approved for EITC Program

Hill Top Preparatory School has been approved and included on the list of Scholarship Organizations under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) of the State of Pennsylvania.

Do you or does the company you work for pay:

– Corporate Net Income Tax

– Capital Stock Franchise Tax

– Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax

– Title Insurance Companies Shares Tax

– Insurance Premiums Tax

– Mutual Thrift Institution Tax

Act 4 of 2001 established the EITC credit. Act 4 authorizes the award of state income tax credits to businesses that make contributions to Scholarship Organizations (Hill Top). The tax credits range from 75% to 90% (for a 2 year grant) of the scholarship award. The maximum credit is $200,000 for each company.

Here is how it works:

– You commit to donate based on your tax liability to the State of Pennsylvania.

– You commit for 2 years (to get a 90% credit).

– For an application you contact:

DCED Center for Business Financing, Tax Credit Division, 4th Floor, Commonwealth Keystone Building,

400 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120: (717)-787-7120 or tknorr@state.pa.us. Applications are approved on a first-come-first-served basis by date received. (Once you application is received it takes a very short time to process -as little as a week. )  

– Get approved.

– Write Hill Top a check.

 More information can be found at the link on


In 2008 over $5.0 million dollars of allocated funds went unclaimed by businesses.

How great would it feel to know your tax dollars went directly to help a student benefit from a Hill Top Education.